Hazardous Jobs

Working with Danger

Some common risk factors:

  • Dangerous job sites
  • Working at Night
  • Working with Machinery

Taxi Drivers

As odd as it may sound, law enforcement officials don't actually occupy the top spot on the list of professionals murdered while working. That position actually belongs to taxi drivers and chauffeurs. Unfortunately, those who employ drivers often can do little to mitigate the risk these people face. Protective barriers can be put into vehicles, yet one never knows (and thus, cannot plan for) when a rider might have bad intentions.

Construction Workers

Construction is often listed as the most dangerous profession in America, and for good reason; its workers face several hazards from the conditions they operate in. Falls, electrocutions, structural failures, and equipment malfunctions are among the more common causes of construction accidents. A lack of safety provisions for workers at construction sites is the most common reason a workplace accident attorney is hired by injured workers.


Farmers often face their own set of work-related dangers. Not only do they utilize heavy equipment in their work, but they often also work with livestock, which can be unpredictable. Contributing to the danger of these jobs is the often remote locations in which workers operate. In many cases, it can take some time for first responders to arrive and administer medical care, which could delay accident victims from receiving urgent life-saving treatment.