In the modern building practice concrete floors More often the bases are applied to the device of a various sort in the capacity of Low-ground coatings: the roll, tiled, the monolithic polymer and etc. It speaks that whatever high-tensile were the coatings, they are not capable to ensure long-time maintenance of object if the base does not possess indispensable physicomechanical performances. The self-maintained coating a usual concrete floor is not used, as It is characterized by low stability to abrasive loadings, shocks and to the activity of exciting environments. But there is a major group of industrial construction companies in Buffalo NY, where deficiencies, characteristic for usual concrete, will neutralize for the score Special processing methods in a combination to the special Surface and penetrant into a stratum of concrete additives.

To ensure rather a random distribution Concrete mix on a leveled surface and, as consequence, to expel hazard clinkings in the course of a gang strength concrete, before concreting Make “grout”, i.e. space fill in recesses an intermixture of the same composition or More low-cost concrete of the grade, not more low Ì150.

The concrete mix, irrespective of a concrete sort, should meet two main demands: to possess a good placing and To maintain homogeneity in transit and piling. A workability Intermixtures depends on its mobility. Sufficient mobility of the usual concrete Intermixtures it is ensured at meanings of a water-cement ratio, not more low 0,4-0,5. It twice exceeds a quantity of water indispensable for the complete equation Cement. At use of a heavy granite filler reaching Indispensable mobility of an intermixture at saving of its homogeneity attain for the score of decrease of a number of water closings and applications of the plasticizing additives, and also at a certain grain-growing composition of fillers.

the Great value has a fractional composition of concrete, that is the Relation of its builders: cement, large and small fillers. The concrete mix spots a functional performance of a ready coating. In Correctly fitted concrete mix the cement rate of flux compounds 8-15 %, and Fillers – 80-85 % (on mass).

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