Such concretes are characterized by high frost resistance and Crack resistance; their water absorption lower, than at usual concretes in 2,0-2,5 Time, and shrinkage and creeping strain – on 10-20 %.

the Water requirements of concrete intermixtures on the basis of VNV on 35-50 % More low, than at concrete intermixtures on the basis of source portland cement, and It is spotted, first of all, by water requirements knitting in a water-cement paste. Concrete intermixtures ยอย-50 and ยอย-100 are characterized by hypersensibility To water flow alteration by that big, then the rate of flux of the knitting there is more.

Forming properties of concrete intermixtures are characterized Heightened viscosity at rest and the considerable thixotropic Fluidifying at the mechanical impacts predetermining a large-scale Their seals and low power inputs at their shaping.

the Kinetics of solidification of concretes on the basis of VNV it is essential Differs from the character of a build-up of the strength of concrete from isoplastic intermixtures With superplasticizer ั-3, fabricated on traditional production engineering. The kinetics is characterized by an intensive gang of strength during several Hours. At the age of 16 ch, normal solidification concretes on the basis of VNV have Cube strength 25 MPA, at the age of 1 day – 60 MPA. Optimum Requirement of solidification of concretes on the basis of ยอย-100 is the natural regime Stowages. For concretes on the basis of ยอย-50, except natural stowage, The order ensuring a handling strength 15-20 MPA at the age of 1 day, Warm-wet treatment can be applied at temperature Isothermal stand-up +60ฐั. For concretes on the basis of ยอย-30 at the factory Manufacture furnacing on existing regimes is binding.

With application ยอย-100 it is possible to gain extra-strong lungs And extra-heavy concretes, however, the relevant role thus belongs to nature, Strengths, to tightness and the geometrical shape of fillers. If on a bottom Crushed haydite gravel was max attained strength of concrete Normal solidification at the age of 28 days at rate of flux VNV of 480 kg/m3 compounds Nearby 60 MPA at medial tightness of 1750 kg/m3, use High-tensile and high-density gabbro (in the cubiform core) Allows to gain concretes from the mobile intermixtures (OK 4-6 sm) strength more than 150 MPA.

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