Various methods of concreting allow to gain qualitative concrete In the conditions of a dry and hot climate with the application of the various is constructive-technological standards ensuring an equation of cement.

The special attention thus should be converted to a selection of materials. In case of execution of placement operations of concrete in hot and dry requirements, it is recommended to use quick-hardening, but low-shrinkage portland cement which one badly donate water and diminish a shrinkage. Traditional Portland cement should be used with the additive of chloride calcium. Portland cement and a portland-puzzolan cement to use in look-alike requirements does not follow, and to apply slag knitting (for example, izvestkovo-cinder or izvestkovo-cindery cement) is forbidden.

Fillers before concrete mix galling are required to be advocated from a sunlight. Porous rubble (gravel) should be moistened. At concrete placement in masses, fillers are offered to be chilled, adding to them levigated ice.

It is necessary to take also into account that concretes on fine sands have a major shrinkage and more porous. Therefore for the relevant constructions, fine sands are required to be beneficiated with larger fractions of sand or a crushed rock.

Compositions of concretes for neighboring communes with a dry and hot climate pick up traditional expedients. Thus it is required, that at erected proportion “water/cement” the composition ensured demanded mobility at the moment of piling and the highest tightness. The untrue opinion that ostensibly water content against the calculated permits pinch to yield better concrete. Vice-versa, excessive water is more promptly volatilized that enhances porosity and diminishes the strength of concrete.

Duration of intermixing of a concrete mix in requirements, a dry and hot climate increment by 30-50 %. Thus into a concrete mixer load a filler, and also % of a calculated quantity of water and intermix within 1-2 minutes Then add cement, other water, induct additives and again intermix 3-4 minutes

Ready concrete mix carries in the closed container. For these purposes ready-mix delivery trucks and truck mixers most approach. It is necessary to avoid an intermixture long-distance traffic as in the course of shipment it is promptly unwatered and loses the mobility.

Very closely installation of a casing is related to the process of concreting for pouring-in of a concrete solution, undermentioned below references There are some materials devoted to this stage of civil work.

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