After removal of a casing from reinforced concrete constructions quite often Detect flaws of concreting. They originate owing to application The poor-quality materials, the outworn casing, production engineering disturbance Productions of a concrete work or deficiencies of constructional solutions. Application of a casing, which one in the course of multiple turn-over gradually It was outworn and in due time it was not repaired, leads to that in Process of concreting through its slots and leakinesses at intensive chattering Laitance, therefore construction flows out can have a Gravel surface and wash sinks.

Right after out casings the chief superintendent engineer and the worker building lab should inspect a state of the unclosed carefully Surfaces concrete and reinforced concrete constructions to validate constructions on Presence of latent defects by a knocking a usual hammer, and in Doubtful places – by means of hypersonic or other defectoscope. The determined flaws eliminate. Flaws in the concrete of constructions can be parted on two Basic groups.

To the maiden group are referred: a gravel surface of concrete In separate places, ebb wash sinks, inappreciable unevenness, and rolls. Their rectifying does not demand the development of special provisions, it is not related And with the considerable expenditures of work and the material means.

To the second group are referred deep and end-to-end Wash sinks, hollows, flaws, deflexions of constructions from design sizes and dr. These flaws patch only after careful inspection of a construction and, as Rule, after the coordination of methods of elimination of flaws with the design Architecture.

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